ANC Honor Tours

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Global War on Terror (GWoT) * Section 60

Arlington Cemetery's most hallowed grounds for those who fought in the Global War on Terror (GWoT). Hear the stories of Veterans who fought and died in response to the 9/11 attacks. This tour focuses on Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and events that lead up to the 9/11 attacks. Discussions include: 

Part 1    The Prelude to GWoT
Part 2   From Vietnam to Afghanistan
Part 3   Operation Iraqi Freedom
Part 4   Operations in Fallujah
Part 5   Honor Guard at War
Part 6   One Airman, Three Funerals
Part 7   The Medal of Honor
Part 8   Prisoners of War
Part 9   A Prince Comes to Section 60
Part 10 Extortion 17
Part 11   The Tonga Tonga Ambush

Tour Time = 1 Hour

The Beginning of Arlington Cemetery * Section 27

The oldest section at Arlington Cemetery, Section 27 is host to the US Colored Troops, the first Unknowns to arrive at ANC and freed slaves from 1864-1867. This tour focuses on how Arlington Cemetery came to be, including stories of how freed slaves traveled to DC in search of freedom during the Civil War. 

Discussions include: 

1.  Arlington's Unknowns

2. The First Burials

3. The Medal of Honor

4. Children of Soldiers

5. Once Unknown, Now Found

6. Escaping Slavery

7.  From Slave to Employee

8. Hustle and Bustle

9. Don't drink the water! 

The Civil War * Section 13

Known as the "Field of Dead", Section 13 has come to define the Civil War at Arlington Cemetery. Learn about the first Unknown Soldiers placed in Mrs. Lee's rose garden and other Union Soldiers laid to rest, many hundreds of miles away from home. This tour includes the Civil War Unknowns Monument, personal stories with photos of Union Soldiers resting in Section 13 and tree dedications to the arboretum in memory of Civil War heroes. Discussions include: 

Part 1   The Civil War Unknown Monument 

Part 2  The Casket Receiving Vault and the Caisson Tradition

Part 3  George and Mary Custis

Part 4  Pvt Peter Barnes and The Battle of Cold Harbor

Part 5  William Henry Jackson and America's Landscape

Part 6  Colonel Judson Spoffard 

Part 7  Pvt Jacob Immell and Problems with Civil War Medicine

Part 8  George Custis Lee and His Dilemma

Part 9  American Apples and the Civil War

Tour Time = 1 Hour

The American Revolution .

From prominent politicians to everyday heroes, learn how these Veterans came to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. This tour includes all ten American Revolutionary War veterans resting on the cemetery grounds, focusing on Sections 1 and 2. Guests are provided a list of the dedicated trees throughout the arboretum that were gifted in honor of those who served in the American Revolution. Discussions include: 

Part 1   Pierre "Peter" L'Enfant and Designing Washington DC

Part 2  The Auld Family 

Part 3  The Battle for Free Speech

Part 4  The Role of Minutemen

Part 5  Frontiersmen and Politicians 

Part 6  Continental Marines and the American Revolution

Part 7  The Continental Navy in Alexandria VA

Tour Time = 1 Hour